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General Hitch People have in mind against buying Insurance Products
Hitch #1 :

I have Enough Life Insurance Policy...I dont need more.

  We are more than happy if you say this, as our primary motive is that everyone should be covered for the amount he / she should be, but from our business experience we have learnt that many people have misconception about the policies they hold, many times it happens that people have invested in ulip plans and were in impression that the have enough cover for their life.

So, we request you to take out few minutes out of your busy schedule and give us an appointment so that we can analyse / review your existing policies, and suggest you a plan of action, following it or not it a your sole discretion.

Hitch #2 :

There is no use of buying insurance.

  Its very surprising for us to hear these words, and its even more surpising when some educated people say it, but no problem, we are here to show you real picture, please CLICK HERE to see how an insurance policy is a no-nonsense investment of lifetime.

Hitch #3 :

I will purchase a policy when appropriate time will come.

  "TIME" is something which never waits for anyone, and there is no appropriate time for any thing in this world, all that matters is our own point of view, that is how much priority we give to things.

It is as simple as if a injured man is not supplied with enough blood at right time, then he may die, similarly is you are not covered for good enough of amount the your dependents are at full risk, so best time rerely comes, as today is best day and now is perfect time, we suggest you to start small and then top up your cover as you step up the success ladder.

Hitch #4 :

I am already paying heavy installments for house and vehicle loans.

  Its nice to see that you are so sucessfull that you are enjoying your independent house and vehicle, but is it paid up ?

If should anything happen to you, and there is no one to pay premiums on your behalfthen the financer will simply takeover these things, but if you had made an wise decision in your life and have purchased an life insurance then, that amount will be easily compensated and there will be no need to sell property.

Hitch #5 :

I dont like life insurance as it talks about death.

  Generally people have impression that life insurance is beneficial only when person dies, but that not true in every case, infact who is talking about death Sample presentationits only an added advantage that may or may not be availed.

Looking at the brighter side, we suggest our clients policies that suit their future plannings and help them to achieve their ambitions in near and far fututre, there by having an enjoyable life.

Hitch #6 :

I have enough property, so I dont need insurance.

  Most people love their family, and are willing to sacrifice anything for them, infact nobody wants to see their family suffer from anything.People provide shelter to their family, buy a car for transportation in comfort.

While we are still alive, we make sure that our family gets the best, but what are you going to leave for your family in case something unfortunate happens to you ?

Do you know that if you leave property for your family, your family will have to sell it in hurry and at low rates to divide money and meet their expences, but along with your property you leave a life insurance policy then there will be no need to sell the property at low rates, and everyone will be happy.

Hitch #7 :

I am a business man I dont need Life insurance.

  Its a general thinking among business mens that what amount they will save as insurance premium will not be benificial for them in long run, but here is the point, we onlu suggest to invest 15 % of your earnings into life insurance as this is the only tool which is an lossless investment, as in the event of any requirement of capital an substantial amount can be taken as loan against your policy and his is apart from the insurance cover given to youand your family. Just read the advatages of purchasing insurance policy to know more.

Hitch #8 :

There are lots of advisors after me.

  Lots of agents can be after you and remeber that one more person is also after you! and he too can reach you anytime anywhere that is "yamdoot",if he reached you before any agent, then none of agent will come after you, so its our positive advice that you must call your insurance advisor today to review your insurance status, and get it updated as necessary.

This is a reality that two person will try to reach you first is your insurance agent, another is "yamraj", now it depends on your luck that who reaches you first.....click here  to know why consider us as your insurance advisor

Hitch #9 :

I will take it tomorrow.....

  There is no tomorrow for few things, as only signing policy form is not enough it takes some time before you any insurance company accept libality of you risk, so why delay for tomorrow, you are already late to initiate, dont delay it any more. Dont delay it so much that it will be too late to feel sorry, plan now, implement today.

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