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Types of Car Insurance
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Why Insure your Car / Benefits of Car Insurance
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Types Of Policies

Third Party (Act Only Policy)

Act only policy, commonly referred to as third party insurance as it covers damage or harm caused to third parties other than the insured. It is compulsory to take this cover.

Scope of Cover :

Under this policy the company covers the legal liability of the insured as per the Motor Vehicle Act,1988 in the following cases:

Death of or bodily injury to any person (unlimited liability)

Damage to property other than belonging to the insured or held in trust or in the custody or control of the insured. ( Upto Rs.6000 only)

There is a provision in the motor tariff by which on the payment of additional premium as detailed below, it is possible to take unlimited cover for damage to property also.

Goods carrying vehicles/passenger carrying vehicles/ Misc. and special types of vehicles : Rs.75 additional premium

Two wheeler/Private car/Taxi : Rs.50 additional premium


Act only & Own Damage (loss or damage to the vehicle), is commonly referred to as comprehensive insurance.

Scope of Cover :

The company indemnifies the insured against the loss or damage to the motor vehicle and /or its accessories arising from:

Fire,explosion, self ignition or lightning;

Burglary,house breaking or theft;

Riot and strike;

Earthquake (fire and shock damage);

Flood, typhoon, hurricane, inundation, cyclone, hailstorm;

Accidental external means;

Malicious act;


Whilst in transit by road, rail, inland waterways, lift elevator or air.

Cashless Car Insurance

Under this car insurance policy, insurance companies have tie ups with different car repairing garages with in its network area, the benefit of this arrnagement is that when customer faces any damage to thier automobile, all they need to do is tow their vehicle to garage (some companies even provide towing facility) and after that whatever repairing bills are generated, all are settled direct from company (except policy Exclusions), this way customer need not to pay for any damage that is covered under policy clauses.

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Why Insure your Car / Benefits of Car Insurance

An auto insurance policy is an agreement between individuals and the insurer for automobiles. The insured person pays a certain premium as insurance and the insurance company, in turn, promises to support financial losses involving vehicles as long as the policy lasts. Auto insurance is compulsory in most states, and the insurance has different types of benefits or coverage.

Some of the components of auto insurance are bodily injury liability, property damage liability, medical payments coverage, uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage, comprehensive coverage, and collision coverage. A typical policy features the aforementioned six benefits. Bodily injury liability covers legal costs and personal injury claims filed against you if someone is killed or injured in your automobile and you are found to be at fault. Property damage liability deals with legal costs and other damage claims, in case there is damage to another person's property by means of your vehicle.

Medical payments coverage assists in paying medical expenses, even if the insured person is injured in somebody else's vehicle. Uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage protects against expenses incurred as a result of an accident that is caused by another individual who is either uninsured or who has inadequate insurance coverage. In comprehensive coverage, insurance is for vehicles that are damaged because of theft or natural calamities. Here, the insurance amount is paid for repair or replacement of vehicles. Collision coverage is mainly for vehicles in which damage occurred due to collision with other vehicles, objects, or even persons.

Auto insurance policies allow premium discounts for theft devices or for owning more than one policy with the same insurer. An added advantage is the provision for extending coverage to others driving your car with your permission.

How to file a claim

Own Damage Claims - Procedure

1. Inform the police about the accident, if third party injury / property damage is/are also involved.

2. Note the names and addresses of witnesses present at the time of the accident.

3. Intimate the Insurance company in writing immediately, quoting the policy number.

4. Obtain a Claim Form and fill it up correctly and completely.

5. Submit an estimate of repairs to your insuring office or to the nearest office of the insurance company.

6. Do NOT undertake the repairs till an appointed surveyor of insurance co approves the estimates of the costs of repairs/replacements.

7. Give any additional information if available. This helps to settle the claim expeditiously.

8. Please keep ready and present your driving license of the driver at the time of accident and registration book to the Surveyor for verification.

9. After the repairs are completed, you will have to sign a Satisfaction Voucher and submit it to the repairers / insurers as the case may be.

Third Party Claims - Procedure

1. If any third party is injured in the accident remove him/her to the hospital for treatment and inform the police and insurer immediately.

2. If any damage is caused to the property of any third party due to an accident, inform the police immediately.

3. Also inform the Insurers describing the nature of the loss / damage.

4. Do not accept any responsibility for the accident nor promise any compensation to any third party who is involved in the accident.

5. Take proper defence action in case of Police prosecution and keep the Insurance company informed.

6. If you receive any notice of claim from the Third Party, MACT or a Court of Law, send the same to the Insurer forthwith unanswered.

7. Send all notices and summons you receive concerning the accident, directly to the Insurance company and seek their advice.

8. Photocopies of all relevant papers such as DL, RC, etc. should be submitted in the office of the Insurance company and the originals must be shown to the officers of the Company.

Theft Claims - Procedure

1. If the vehicle is stolen, inform the insurance company and police immediately, giving details of your policy number, engine number, chassis number and registration number of the vehicle.

2. If the Registration Book is also lost along with the vehicle, obtain a duplicate from the Transport Authorities immediately.

3. Keep regular liaison with the police regarding the progress of the investigation.

4. If the vehicle is not traced after a reasonable period, get a report from the police to that effect.

5. If the vehicle is traced, inform the Insurance company immediately.

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